Building Custom ICF Homes in the Triangle Area of North Carolina

Shelter in Concrete

Custom ICF Homes

Mother nature can





nothing will blow your ICF house down.

Disaster Resistant ICF Houses

North Carolina’s Premiere ICF Contractor

Bryan Clayton is an custom home builder who has built his career on a solid foundation. Insulated concrete forms (ICF) are an energy-efficient, sustainable, and green building material that can be used to construct basements, slabs, driveways, and walls. ICF add a tremendous amount of insulation value and protection from the elements to any residential or commercial construction. Reduce energy bills, increase air quality, and take shelter from the storm. Learn more about ICF construction and why it’s the smarter, stronger, and greener way to build your custom home.

Using only the finest ICF products on the market, we build sustainable homes in the Triad and Triangle regions of North Carolina – from Greensboro to Chapel Hill, Raleigh-Durham, and beyond. We would love to be your home builder of choice.

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