Building Custom ICF Homes in the Triangle Area of North Carolina

Your Custom ICF Home in North Carolina

How we Build

From land acquisition through project development and construction, we do it all. NC ICF Builder clients want to live on their own North Carolina land in safe, quiet, healthy, and efficient homes. Insulated concrete forms are simply the best option.

Interior Finishes

Inside your home, we’ll finish your ICF walls with the same methods used in frame construction. All you’ll need to do is pick the paint colors!

Steel Reinforcement

ICF panels are connected by polypropylene webs. These webs also serve as attachment points for sheetrock or siding. Steel bars throughout the core add even more stability to an already solid wall.

EPS Forms

The concrete core of an ICF wall is poured between expanded polystyrene foam panels. Stacked blocks create walls that wrap your home with insulation and a solid protective shell.

Exterior Finishes

ICF building solutions can accommodate your style with diverse exterior treatments. Wood, vinyl, and stone work are all popular options.


ICF Green Building Products

We work with superior building materials and the finest concrete mixes. Our focus is on sustainable construction from below-grade waterproofing and drainage, all the way to your rooftop.

ICF can be used to form almost any kind of structure for your custom home plan. The panels are available in many different shapes and sizes. And since they’re inter-connected during construction, ICF built homes make electrical, HVAC, and plumbing work easier.