Building Custom ICF Homes in the Triangle Area of North Carolina

Your Efficient and Disaster Resistant ICF Home

Why Concrete

Now more than ever before, our clients are thinking about the environment as they plan for the future in their new house. The benefits of ICF concrete construction check off many boxes for green living. We count on it to build affordable and safe homes.

Green Building

Insulated concrete forms hit the target for sustainable, green building materials. ICF is a superior product to use to build environmentally-friendly homes.

Built to Last

Unlike wood frames, insulated concrete forms provide protection from the elements. We build solid homes resistant to damage from wind and water.

Energy Efficiency

ICF products provide unsurpassed home insulation. The savings add up for the environment and your wallet with lower HVAC and maintenance costs.

Quiet Healthy Air

Solid ICF walls soundproof your home from outside noise. The construction eliminates leaks which affect air quality. It helps keep mold and critters out too!

ICF: It’s the smarter, stronger, and greener way to build a house.